Police Bigotry and Irresponsible Media

In the past thirteen months, there have been four fatal shootings by members of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force. In three of these incidents, the media has cited the victims' 'mental illness' as being the cause of these incidents. 

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that not only does this foster unnecessary bigotry and fear towards those of us who have encountered the mental health system, but obscures the issue of a police force which resorts to deadly violence rather than trying other ways of dealing with situations. 

Thirty-five year old Edmond Wai Hong Yu was the latest victim of these attitudes. Police were summoned after a woman was allegedly slapped while waiting for a bus at the foot of Spadina Ave. in downtown Toronto. Wai Hong Yu was cornered on board an empty city bus by at least three cops, and was waving what was described as 'a shiny object.' Police responded by firing at least four shots. 

A small hammer was later recovered at the scene of the shooting.

It is obvious (to me anyway) that this shooting never should have happened. There are other ways of de-escalating situations such as this... why won't police try them? 

In Canada, we have laws in our Criminal Code that prohibit 'willfully inciting hatred against any identifiable group.' Why is the media exempted from this when they engage in this kind of irresponsible crap? 

I guess the 'nornal' rules no longer apply once someone has been designated as 'crazy'... then it seems to be a case of anything goes. These sentiments appear to be even stronger when the person involved is homeless as well. The attitude seems to be that as a population, we are deserving only of scorn and deadly violence.