...Or is "Mental illness" just a fabrication created by a society in denial? It is well known that to be branded "crazy" imposes an arbitrary death sentence on one's credibility. This judgement places the "blame" squarely on the shoulders of the individual, allowing the system to go unchallenged. 

The biopsychiatrists are at the cutting edge of this cycle of injustice. Viewing the whole range of human experience and emotion through the narrow lens of "acceptable behaviour," these individuals promote the idea that the very real feelings of anger, fear, or sadness - as well as any outcry against oppression - can be dismissed as being the result of a biological malfunction - a "chemical imbalance," if you will. This opens the door to all kinds of abuse. The protests of the "patient" are effectively silenced; being viewed as no more than "symptoms of illness." 

The psychiatric view on acceptable behaviour is riddled with stereotypes. God forbid that you should be a person of color, a woman, or gay, homeless, or poor, as this greatly increases the likelihood that the attention of psychiatry will become focused on you. What can be said about a "profession" that bases its doctrine on a white middle-class male worldview rather than bona fide medical fact? Not very much! 

There is so much more that could be said about this subject, but space and time constraints do not permit it at this point. I will, however, leave you with this question; is "mental illness" a valid medical diagnosis, or merely a construct of a society frantically trying to cover its ass? 

You be the judge.