Daisy Benson W28860
Women Prisoners Convicted by Drugging
Barnberg B 1144-L
Frontera CA 91720


One hour after her arrest, the jail nurse handed Daisy Benson a cup of pills and told her to take them. Daisy wasn't sick, injured, in pain, on drugs, or hysterical...nor had she asked for the medication...but she did as she was told.

One hour later she was dizzy, disoriented, confused, and out of touch with reality...Her mind was now imprisoned...just like her body...by Lake County, California.

Daisy Benson was forced to ingest large quantities of mind- altering, mind-destroying medications...without ever seeing a Doctor or asking for medication. She lost her sanity, her soul, and eventually her criminal case because of all the drugs the jail made her take.

Before she was arrested, Daisy Benson was a normal American woman living in a normal American town...so why was she forced to take all types and kinds of medication that she didn't want to take? Because it was jail policy to "medicate" people in jail for control and management.


The U.S. Department of Justice states "We have opened an investigation into 40 complaints from female prisoners" (San Francisco Chronicle, May 11, 1993...by Suzanne Espinosa... Chronicle staff writer). And now the U.S. Department of Justice refuses to release the findings of this investigation.

The promised federal "review" of the forced drugging issue has led to beaurocratic stonewalling...

The California Constitution and federal Constitution forbid Forced Drugging of any competent person; they have the right to refuse forced treatment of any kind.

Leading cases in this:

KEYHEA v RUSHEN 178Cal.App.3d 526.542 (1986);
BEE v GRAVES 744F.2d 1387.1396 11th Cir. (1984);
RIGGINS v NEVADA 112S.Ct.1810. 118 L.Ed.2d. 479 (1992)

Daisy is now before The United States District Court in San Francisco. A writ of Habeas Corpus was filed in 1991...and is STILL awaiting a ruling from a Federal Judge named V. Walker.

If you would like to help support the efforts of Daisy Benson in any way, please contact her and WPCD.

Daisy has been fighting back for 9 YEARS for a Drug-Free Trial." Will you help??



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